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Dollar$mart Tax Installment Loan

Dollar$mart Tax Installment Loan offers you hassle free solution without the need to further shop around ! Successfully apply for Dollar$mart Tax Installment Loan on or before 31 March 2018, you can enjoy our fabulous offers!

  • Payment holiday in the first month and no registration is required. No need to settle principal, interest and any additional fee during the skip payment period.

  • Monthly flat rate as low as 0.001%4.

  • Loan amount as high as HK$2,000,000 or 12 times of your monthly salary (whichever is lower)
  • Loan tenor from 12 – 24 months (Our Personal Installment Loan also provides loan tenor as long as 60 months. For enquiry, please call 2287 6788).

  • Loan amount will be credited to your designed bank account directly.

  • Existing customers or applicants who refer your friends or relatives to apply for Dollar$mart Tax Installment Loan, you and your friends or relatives can enjoy “Preferential Customer” interest rate irrespective of the loan amount.

  • First year unlimited 2% Cash Rebate
  • Fabulous welcome gifts at your choice
  • Earn HK$1 Cash Rebate for every spending of HK$180 with your card all year round
  • First 3-year annual fee waiver

Remarks :

  1. Customer can enjoy one-month skip payment holiday automatically for the first repayment month.  The first repayment date of eligible customer can defer for a month according to the date stated in the Loan Confirmation Notice and China CITIC Bank International Limited (the "Bank") will not charge any additional interest and/or fee.  The last repayment date of the approved Tax Installment Loan would also be postponed by a month correspondingly whereby the details covered in the Loan Confirmation Notice will remain unchanged.
  2. An Annualized Percentage Rate ("APR") is a reference rate which includes the basic interest rate and other fees and charges of product expressed as an annualized rate.
  3. The Annualized Percentage Rates ("APRs") are calculated using Net Present Value Method in accordance with the Code of Banking Practice. The APR ranges from 1.63% to 3.49% and is subject to the condition of individual customer. APR 1.63% is only applicable to existing CITICfirst or “PAYROLLplus” Customers and calculated based on loan amount of HK$1,800,000, loan tenor of 12 months and monthly flat rate of 0.001%, including a handling fee of 1% p.a. and the "First Month Skip Payment Holiday" offer.
  4. Monthly flat rate 0.001% is only applicable to existing CITICfirst or “PAYROLLplus” Customers.
  5. Existing CITICfirst or “PAYROLLplus” customers can enjoy “Preferential Customer” interest rate offer. Besides, existing CITICfirst or “PAYROLLplus” customers who successfully apply for and drawdown Tax Installment Loan with a loan amount of HK$1,800,000 or above during the Promotion Period are eligible to enjoy an Annualized Percentage Rate (“APR”) of as low as 1.63%. For details, please refer to Promotional Terms and Conditions.
  6.  “Preferential Customer” include (1) existing mortgage, Dollar$mart Personal Installment Loan, Dollar$mart Tax Installment Loan or Personal Line of Credit customers; or (2) civil servants, architects, accountants, surveyors, dentists, medical doctors, pharmacists, engineers, teachers, social workers, registered nurses, lawyers; or (3) successful referrers and/or referees of Dollar$mart Tax Installment Loan Referral Program, who apply for Tax Installment Loan during the Promotion Period; or (4) staff of Business Account holders.
  7. The APRs shown in the table are calculated using Net Present Value Method in accordance with the Code of Banking Practice, based on the relevant monthly flat rate for different loan terms and include the 1% p.a. handling fee calculated based on the approved loan and the “First Month Skip Payment Holiday” offer. The respective APRs are rounded to the nearest two decimal places.
  8. The monthly repayment amount is calculated based on loan amount of every HK$10,000 and is rounded to the nearest two decimal places. Assuming that the loan amount is HK$500,000 with 12 months loan tenors and at a monthly flat rate of 0.019%, the total interest and handling fee will be HK$6,151 (interest HK$1,151 + handling fee HK5,000). Please note that the actual APR or monthly repayment amount of customers may be affected by customers' credit status and hence different from that in the above rate table. Customers' loan offer details should be subject to the Bank's final approval and discretion. Customers should refer to the Loan Confirmation Notice issued by the Bank for the actual details of the repayment terms.
  9. For Referrer to enjoy the Referral Rewards, Referee's application for the Tax Installment Loan must be submitted before Referrer's Tax Installment Loan being drawn down. For details of Dollar$mart Tax Installment Loan Referral Program, please contact the Bank's sales representatives or visit the Bank's website www.cncbinternational.com/tilmgm.
  10. For details of the CNCBI VISA Platinum Card promotion, please refer to relevant terms and conditions.
  11. Customer needs to be aware that early loan settlement handling fee, the entire outstanding Loan Principal (including unpaid Handling Fee) and interest up to the next repayment date are involved in early loan settlement. For details, please refer to Key Facts Statement for Instalment Loan. The loan principal and interest are apportioned according to the Rule of 78, under which, the proportion of interest in each monthly repayment decreases gradually throughout the loan tenor. Please check with the Bank about the total amount involved before deciding to make early repayment.

The above offers are bound by relevent Terms and Conditions. For details, please refer to relevent marketing materials or contact the Bank's staff.

Personal Loan Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and Conditions for Dollar$mart Tax Installment Loan
Promotional Terms and Conditions for Dollar$mart Tax Installment Loan
Promotional Terms and Conditions for CNCBI VISA Platinum Card promotional offer
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